Elizabeth Russell

But I would walk 50 miles, And I would walk 50 more...

Just to be the one who walks a hundred miles to fall down at my door....


If the terrible rip-off of the Proclaimers song wasn't clear, I am undertaking the challenge to walk 100 miles in 10 days to help Gateley Legal raise money for Henshaws.


Henshaws are a great charity who have been providing support to those with disabilities throughout the pandemic. They urgently need funding to keep doing the great things they do so any donation you make is going to a really great cause!


I would be super grateful for any support you can give! Please make a donation to support my challenge and help me raise some funds for a great charity! Thank you so much!

My Updates

And that's 100! (and a bit...)

Thursday 1st Oct
As promised, I completed my final two walks and ended up overshooting my 100 mile target just slightly, finishing the Henshaws hundred on a grand total of 102.38 miles walked in 10 days! ✨

Thank you again for everyone who donated! Your generosity (and ongoing encouragement) has been massively appreciated! 💖

94.18 miles down...

Wednesday 30th Sep
The end is nigh. After days of trekking all over Leeds, I only have 5.82 miles until I hit the 100 mile mark. ✨

I plan to get in two more walks today that should comfortably get me to my target. Then me and my poor feet are going to have a rest - as you can see, I've worn holes in my trainers from all the walking!!  🤣

Thanks again to everyone who has donated!!! It's such a good cause and both I and the Gateley participants are so grateful for your generosity! 

74.36 miles down...

Monday 28th Sep
Thanks so much everyone for your generosity and donations!!! It's so appreciated and has really kept me inspired to cram in as many miles in as possible.

After this morning's 5.57 mile walk - I am currently on 74.36 miles out of 100!! This means I am pretty much on track to hit 100 miles by Wednesday PM.

My feet are starting to feel a bit sore and my knees a bit ache-y but my spirits are high as its not far now until I hit the 100 mile mark!!  

First 16 miles down...Only 84 miles to go!

Tuesday 22nd Sep
Realising I can't upload more than one photo at a time... Here's the evidence of me completing my first 10 miles yesterday and 6 miles this morning. If you are interested in following my progress, please do give me a follow on Strava https://www.strava.com/athletes/53170707 

First five miles down...

Monday 21st Sep
Only 95 more to go!

Thank you to my Sponsors


John And Anna

Liz, Well done. Uncle John and Anna x


Mum And Dad


Matthew Brown

Go Liz


Elisabeth Bamford

Keep on walking Lizzie!




Alex And Will




Mum’s Friend, Karen



Walk like the wind! As one of the speediest walkers I know I have no doubt that with your determination and hobbit-like perseverance you will achieve your one walk to rule them all. Well done hun!


Polly Waters

Go on Liz!! You are a very great walker so I know you will smash it!! Pol xxxxx


Ellie Tate

Go on Liz!! I’m sure nature will provide much for your eyes to feast on whilst you walk! Lots of luck xx





Well done Liz!