Joy Evans

I am aiming to do a total of 100 yoga sun salutations in 10 days, doing 10 in succession early each morning to raise money for Henshaws in their 'Henshaws Hundreds Challenge'

Out of every 100 people in the UK, how many do you think live with a disability? The answer is 22. More than one in five. Join me in helping Henshaws offer support, advice and training to enable these people and their families to build skills, develop confidence, help each other and look forward to a more positive future.

I’ve accepted this challenge to help change lives. Please make a donation to support my challenge. Thank you so much!

My Updates

Day 10 and my 100th sun salutation

Wednesday 30th Sep
100 done !
THANKYOU so much to you wonderful people for all your support and constant encouragement this last 10 days spurring me on to get out of my bed on each of these 10 days to support Henshaws with this challenge. 
Extra wrist supports been needed the last 2 days but they have made it through the 100 !
Thankyou all so much  for supporting me and Henshaws. 

Day 9 and 90 done

Tuesday 29th Sep
Day 10 and 100 sun salutations tomorrow !
1 day to go 
been harder the last couple of days but almost there  with  90 done 

Day 7 and 70 completed

Sunday 27th Sep
just completed my 70th sun salutation on this very dark quiet Sunday morning 
all your encouragement and support have got me this far and up every morning up by 05.30 to do this challenge 
3 days to go and 30 more sun salutations to reach the 100

pictures as promised to those who requested

Friday 25th Sep
Half way 5 days in and 5 days to go 
sorry folks unable to get any decent pictures in the darkness and lamplight at 05 30 despite several attempts
selfie pics instead of each section of the a salutation in daylight now at images section of my page for you
apologies if I haven't posted them in correct order!! Xxx

Half way to 100 ....50 done !!

Friday 25th Sep
Completed my 50th sun  salution this morning ...half way through my Henshaws Hundreds challenge ! 
Thinking of all you wonderful people and your encouragement and support is getting me out of my bed in  the darkness for 05.30 to do this and support Henshaws and their work. Thankyou.  

day 4 and 40 of my 100 done

Thursday 24th Sep
SO dark at 5.30 now as the autumn light changes. Motivated  by all your continuing encouragent and support to get out of bed to do this, Thankyou!  
Have tried to get video or selfie pics for those who asked for pics but it's dark and only the light of the lamp in my room,  the results are just darkness and shadows.  
Will attempt to make video or pics in daylight at the weekend.
Day 4 done , wrists holding up . The last 2 of the 10 continuing to be hard going but 40 of my hundred now done !! 

day 2 challenge is on

Tuesday 22nd Sep
darkness and silence 5.30am through my open window into the garden robin and blackbird  greeting me as dawn appears and I am completing my morning 10 sun salutations 

counting to 100 starts tomorrow

Sunday 20th Sep
Have worked out a way to help with my morning count to 10 while focusing on the yoga and the breaths  - raided my buttons tin and lined up 10 on the floor in front of me  - move a button out of the way each time I have completed a full salutation !
Starting in the morning at number 1  - onwards to 100 over the next 10 days.
Thankyou all for your support and encouragement. 

1 day of practice left

Saturday 19th Sep
tomorrow is my last practice day 
Challenge starts 05.30am on Monday 
Thankyou again for all the support and encouragement.

Got to 10 today in my practice

Monday 14th Sep
got up to 10 salutations in succession this morning and with 10 full breaths at each downward dog pose ....the last 2 were really hard going ! !
So onwards now..
 keep at it practicing each morning and strengthening my wrists  ready for the challenge start next Monday. 
Thankyou again everyone for encouraging and supporting me . 

10 days to go to start of my 10 a day challenge

Friday 11th Sep
10 days to go to start date 
continuing my daily practice and increasing numbers now up to the 10 wearing my wrist supports now is making positive difference to building up my strength for this challenge 

increased my numbers and saw the sunrise again

Monday 7th Sep
got to 6 salutations this morning, slowly getting there building up to the 10, my wrists are telling me it's a challenge, but getting there.
very dark at 05.30am today doing my warm ups and stretches 
beautiful sunrise appearing slightly later now each morning but always a gift to be able to see it

started training for my 10 a day !

Wednesday 2nd Sep
Started yesterday September 1st with extra morning practice building up numbers slowly of my usual 2 sun salutations to 10 in succession and increasing my hold in downward dog position to 10 slow full breaths ..... working to build up strength in my wrists and being able to manage 10 sun salutations in succession to start the challenge on September 21st 
thankyou all for your support and encouragent 

Thank you to my Sponsors


Dorrie Brough

What an amazing Challenge - I'm in awe and full of admiration! Go girl!



Congratulations Joy


Kevin & Keren


Dianne Stringer

Great challenge, good luck xx


Jane Armstrong

Brillant x


Feank Ward

Well done Joy. We need pictures please!


Ros Harrington

Good luck Joy! 🧘🏻‍♀️Xx


Karen Denson

Good luck and enjoy x


Lynne Overton

I think wha't you're doing is marvellous, Joy! The very best of luck with it. I'm sure you are up to the challenge! xxx


Annette Brown

All the best Joy. A fabulous cause by a fabulous lady. Xxx


Jade Hodgson

Well done Joy! An amazing cause to raise money for 😊 lots of love xxx


Rachel Beaumont-lorimer

Hi Joy, you're doing great already - keep getting the donations and good luck with the challenge


Angela Clark

Well done Joy fantastic achievement 👏xx


Rita Gray


Lorraine Longden

Very proud of you my friend. Enjoy the sunrises xx


Christine ....... Well Done Joy For Such A Great Cause


Elaine Newby

Good luck Joy. You’ve got this! 💕


Laura Evans

Go Joy! I’ll think of you at 5:30am! Enjoy and good effort xx


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Awesome Joy!! 👏 👏👏




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Chris .....well Done Joy


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You are a complete an utter super star!


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Well done!



Harry & I want to support your wonderful challenge and charity! X x x


Joy Evans


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Colin Lake ..well Done Joy