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We're fundraising for a great cause!

Out of every 100 people in the UK, how many do you think live with a disability? The answer is 22. More than one in five. Join us in helping Henshaws offer support, advice and training to enable these people and their families to build skills, develop confidence, help each other and look forward to a more positive future.

We've accepted this challenge to help change lives. Please make a donation to support our challenge. 

The challenge is to complete 100 sun salutes each over 10 days.

Thank you so much!

My Updates

Day8 already

Monday 28th Sep
Day 8 already!  I've practised in the mornings over the last few days.  Opportunities to spend time with family in the evening and then I had a fall in the kitchen (slipped on spilt water from dog bowl) and I've hurt my right Gluteus Maximus, so I am now taking my sun salutes slowly and ever more mindfully.
Please keep supporting the team!  These rounds are not easy even for seasoned yogis as we are. 

3rd day

Thursday 24th Sep
Ooh, I forgot to tell you how I got on yesterday.  Day 3 and although I do sun salutes every day along with other yoga poses, and fit through running and I enjoy Joe Wicks' workouts, this is quite something.
I'm actually feeling very tired and my arms are a bit sore.  I wonder what today will have in store?
Thank you for all your donations so far - keep them coming!
Judi x

2nd day in the bag

Tuesday 22nd Sep
Soooo I've had all sorts of issues with tech so I have abandoned Facebook live and am popping a video on every day www.facebook.com/judidoesyoga.  
Thank you to everyone who is supporting our team and for such a great charity.  I was able to see nature today, hear birds and my husband and students.  So many are deprived of this ability we take for granted.  

Facebook live at 5pm every day ... subject to internet etc

Monday 21st Sep
The challenge started today!  I know the team have been busy and we're off!  I'm doing my first Facebook live at 5pm - it's not instructional so if you join in please do so with awareness and take care.  Talk about out of my comfort zone!

Thank you to my Sponsors


Judi Needham-crane