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Out of every 100 people in the UK, how many do you think live with a disability? The answer is 22. More than one in five. Join me in helping Henshaws offer support, advice and training to enable these people and their families to build skills, develop confidence, help each other and look forward to a more positive future.

I’ve accepted this challenge to help change lives. Please make a donation to support my challenge. Thank you so much!

My Updates

Day 10

Wednesday 30th Sep
15,63 miles today. I fortunately cycled the majority of the mileage before the rain arrived this morning.
However, I got soaked riding back tonight.

My grand total is 153.82 miles for the ten days.

Its been great to take part, and support a very worthy cause.

Day 9

Tuesday 29th Sep
11.62 miles this morning to buy some bread.
11.21 miles this afternoon to enjoy the sunshine .
115.36 + 22.83 = a total so far of 138.19 miles.

Day 8

Monday 28th Sep
3.70 miles for an early morning supermarket trip.
Also cycled 16.99 miles in the afternoon for transport purposes '
Which means that I have so far cycled 115.36 miles. 
All miles registered on my cycle computer.

Day 7

Sunday 27th Sep
16.34 miles today, mainly for fun and fitness. That's 94.67 miles done.
However, noticed that I have done 369 miles for the Love To Ride , Cycle September event. Hopefully I can manage to reach 400 miles by the end of September. Why I do not know. 

Day 6

Saturday 26th Sep
10.6 chilly miles today to buy some bread. (78.33 miles done).

Day 5

Saturday 26th Sep
Took a day off today (Friday). A total of 67.73 miles so far. 

Day 4

Thursday 24th Sep
An early 9.58 miles this morning for transport into York and back. Good wake up ride, in the refreshing rain.
Took advantage of the sunshine later, and cycled 15.2 miles , into the countryside and home.

Day 3

Wednesday 23rd Sep
Decided to take a break from a my longer rides home today.  
3.53 miles nearer my goal today.

Day 2

Tuesday 22nd Sep
Food trip on my bike, this morning, followed by a leisurely ride home in the countryside this evening. 
A  total of 23.62 miles today.

Day 1

Monday 21st Sep
I cycled 15.8 miles around York today.  Mainly for transport , but I cycled the long way home using a recently discovered cycle path from  Knapton to Rufforth.

My 100.

Tuesday 1st Sep
I am aiming to cycle at least 100 miles in the ten days.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Phillip Suddaby




Phillip Suddaby